Sunday School

Sunday School is a time for our three year olds through 8th grade to dive deeper into stories of our faith. Kids get to connect with other kids and fabulous adult leaders who are invested in helping to pass on the faith and the stories of faith to the next generation. Kids get the chance to hear and learn God’s word while experiencing God’s love.

Our 2nd through 5th graders have a special learning opportunity called Family Faith Journey. During these years we encourage students to join with a parent, grandparent, neighbor, or other trusted adult to come to Sunday School together. Together we dig into God’s word and explore our stories of faith.

Typical Sunday schedule:

9:30 am: Music in the Trinity Center
9:45 am:
3 year olds through preschool are in Room 104
Kindergarten and First Grade are in Room 105
Second Grade through Fifth Grade are in the Trinity Center
Sixth Grade and older are in the Fireside Room

Sunday School Schedule

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